Ilaria Silli


Team Leader
Ilaria Silli was born in Roma and now she is living and working in London, UK. She served a mission in the Italy Catania Mission, that is in the south of Italy. She is now a Sunday School teacher. She is enjoying using the technology in this difficult times because it is so easy to reach everyone in their homes thanks to the virtual classes. She loves watching movies and documentaries. She also loves her niece, her family and friends. Keeping in contact with everyone still in Italy is not easy but, also in this case, technology helps a lot.

Giulia de Ruvo


Quality Analyst

Giulia DeRuvo lives in Bergamo, Italy with her husband and their rabbit, Gandalf. She is studying to become a counselor and works full time for the University of Bergamo. She loves to cook and eat, travel, and play board games. She served her mission in Toronto, Canada.

David Castro


IT Analyst

David Castro attended Omero Classical High School of Milan though he studied one year in China at the Shijiazhuang International Middle School before graduating. Currently he's working for a local company while waiting to enter college. 
He loves spending time with family and friends especially when dancing and good food are involved. He served in the Italy Rome Mission.

Carolina M. V. Cavallaro


Translator into Italian

Carolina M. V. Cavallaro graduated on air traffic control . She served as a missionary in the England Leeds mission. Now she is a mother of three kids and CEO of a company, working alongside with her father. She enjoys DIY and she is passionate about interior design. 
She loves teaching the Gospel and she is grateful she can do that daily through her Church calling and in the family.

Claudia Mencarelli


Translator into Italian

Claudia Mencarelli is from Italy, and is currently working on getting her MA in TESOL from Brigham Young University. She served in the Canada Toronto Mission, and has worked at the England and Provo MTCs for about a year and a half teaching English and Italian. She loves eating, traveling, being outdoors, spending time with her loved ones, and keep learning about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ester Tonon


Translator into Italian

Ester lives in Italy and is currently studying Pharmacy at the university of Torino. Her great passions are cinema and literature. She enjoys traveling and learning about new cultures. Her testimony of Jesus Christ is what she treasures the most. Ester served her mission in the England Birmingham Mission.

Franco Borrelli


Translator into Italian

Franco is from Naples, Italy, and he is studying Russian and Chinese at the local university. He served as a volunteer missionary for his Church in the UK. This experience helped him to develop new language skills and love for his fellow men. One of is major goals is to work with and serve people around the world.

Stefania Viterbo

Translator into Italian
Stefania is a new member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
She met the church three years ago when she was a teenager and she waited for three years before getting baptized. She is the only member of the church in her family. 
She has never served a mission, because she doesn't have the possibility to do it because of a disability, but she's trying to do her best to get stronger to serve a mission. Meanwhile, she is trying to share the Gospel and to be useful for the Church. She loves painting, helping people, spending time with her friends and her family, and cooking.
Stefania hopes to make other people know the Church and the Gospel.

Ivan Sapio


Translator into Italian
Ivan Sapio is a Chef and a Pizzaiolo running his own little gastronomia in Salerno close to the Amalfi coast. He started serving a mission in the Italy Catania mission, then finished in the Italy Rome mission when they were combined. He practices boxe and likes go to the cinema.
He was baptized when he was 18 and since then his testimony helped him to hold to the iron rod of the gospel.

Jonathan Calvagna


Translator into Italian
Jonathan Calvagna works as a freelance translator and tour leader in Italy. Coming from Bergamo, in Northern Italy, he served his mission in Rome and later served as a guide during the Rome Italy Temple open house. He recently obtained a degree in Education and his life goal is to support anti-bullying programs in his country. He loves his family and friends and is grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ that allows these bounds to be eternal.

Mariana Griotti


Translator into Italian

Mariana served her mission in her country: in the Montevideo Uruguay Oeste mission and considers that experience the most enriching, uplifting and fun of her life. She works as the Retail Center's supervisor in the Rome Italy’s Temple. She loves to admire and make art in every form. She really enjoys being in contact with nature, learning something new or spending time with her family and friends. Mariana loves the Gospel that gives sense to her life and tries to put always Christ at its center.

Michele Trevisan


Translator into Italian

Michele Trevisan is a student at Udine University getting his degree in Mechanical Engineering. Whenever he has time, he loves playing the piano and listening to music. If you need to disassemble something, he will totally be happy to help you out with a screwdriver because he used to be a carpenter. He served in the Japan Kobe Mission and he is always super excited when he gets the opportunity to talk in Japanese with a native. He knows that families can be together forever because of Jesus Christ and His Gospel.

Eleonora Caravellagot


Translator into Italian

Eleonora Caravella got baptized in 2016 and she can’t stop smile since, she is the only member in her family. She served a mission for Family History. She is a student at BYU Idaho and currently working for the Rome Italy Temple Patron Housing, but in a few months she will move to Copenhagen with her future husband. She loves any kind of creative hobby like sewing, painting, cooking....and she feels happier when she can serve others

Alice Zainab


Translator into Italian

My name is Alice Zainab I’m from Italy and I finished my Bachelor's degree at the university of siena to become a teacher for disabled children.
I served at the Salt Lake City Utah Temple Square. I love hiking with friends and above all cooking and eating with my family. I love fashion and I love to dance a lot.
One thing i learned on my mission, is that when you serve your neighbours, you are applying the power of the atonement of jesus christ into your life.

Alessandra de Martino


Translator into Italian

My name is Alessandra De Martino, I live in Italy and I have been a member of the church for 11 years. I’m attending BYU-I and my Bachelor’s degree is Business Management. I spend my days studying and taking care of my baby that is 15 months. I like very much to do gardening and crochet. I love also spending time with my family. The Church is very important to me, because I can improve myself and learning more about Jesus Christ.

Shara Tartaglia


Translator into Italian

Shara Tartaglia is a full-time supermarket cashier and is currently working pretty hard during this pandemic time. She served in the England Birmingham Mission in 2016 and 2017. She loves photography and making delicious cakes. She also loves to travel and one day she hopes to visit her mother’s country: Indonesia. Shara likes to help others, that’s why she decided to volunteer as a translator so that all may have access to the inspired words of God's servants. 

Andrea Santoro


Translator into Italian

Andrea Santoro


Translator into Italian

Andrea Santoro


Translator into Italian

Andrea Santoro


Translator into Italian