Haruna Bates


Team Leader
Haruna Bates is a pharmacist in Japan and currently lives in the US to study English. She served in the Japan Tokyo mission and was assigned to serve in an English-speaking ward for a couple of months. She loves music and playing the piano and flute. She also loves studying the scriptures and wants to serve others through her knowledge of the gospel and English.

Natsumi Sato


Translator into Japanese - Team Leader

Natsumi Sato Varón recently returned from her mission in Colombia. She studied English and Spanish, now she is preparing for college. She loves to translate and discover new lexicons. She is also characterized for loving life and serving her fellowmen. 

Aria Takata


Translator into Japanese

Aria Takata is a student at Brigham Young University. She served in England Manchester Mission. She loves to travel, listen to music, and spend time with friends.  Her life has
been blessed by learning English throughout her life with many opportunities. She wants to serve others by using it.

Shota Okamoto


Translator into Japanese

Shota Okamoto is a student at Tokyo University of the Arts and is currently working on M.M in Clarinet. He served in Japan Sendai mission and had many opportunities to serve as a translator in conferences during his mission. Shota studies mainly classical music and takes lessons from international clarinet players. He loves the gospel and that is one of the reasons why he plays the clarinet and studies it to be a witness of Christ through his performances.

Yoshihiro Minamide


Translator into Japanese

Yoshihiro Minamide has been interested in English since he was a child. His mother was an English teacher for the church, so he attended her classes. When he entered junior high school he started to study English more frequently and he enjoyed the classes! He especially enjoyed speaking in English, and it became one of his favorite subjects. As he grew up, his connection with English deepened. He served in the England, London Mission where he was surrounded by English speakers who helped him to improve and to keep learning. He also loves taking pictures of the sky, driving, and listening to music. He enjoys helping those who want to communicate in English and Japanese.

Takuki Tomita


Translator into Japanese

Takuki Tomita is a graduated school student at Keio University in Japan, and his major is mathematics. He served in England London South Mission. He likes to watch and play soccer and watch movies. He loves the gospel of Jesus Christ and believes we can be better through Him.

Sachiko Hikida


Translator into Japanese

Hello, my name is Sachiko Hikida. I am from Okayama city in Japan and I have been living in the USA since 1996. I served in the Japan Kobe Mission and Tokyo South Mission. I love to spend time with my children and enjoy watching anime with them. I love going out to nature, flowers, music, and anything that brings me a peaceful mind and joy. I am currently taking an online class to become a nurse assistant. I am very excited to join this group. I always felt there are countless good talks non-english speakers/ members are missing. What a wonderful project this is!

Kayo Robinson


Translator into Japanese

Kayo Robinson is a mother of 4 chidren who resides in Utah. Previous to coming to the US in the year 2000, she lived in England and Australia. She met missionaries in Australia and was baptized there. She loves to travel and learn languages. She is looking forward to serving a mission with her husband someday.

Akari Miyashima


Translator into Japanese

I studied graphic design and finished school this month.
I served in the Japan Tokyo mission.
I love music and art!

Hiroki Ogawa


Translator into Japanese

Hiroki Ogawa lives in Osaka, Japan.
He studied Near Eastern History in Kansai University. In 2017-2019, he served as a full time missionary in Japan Tokyo Mission.
He loves classical music, cycling, and learning languages. From his faith crisis experience, he came to hope to make inspiring Latter-day Saints resources more accessible for Japanese speakers.