Anastasia Myroshnikova


Translator into Russian

Anastasia Myroshnikova is a nurse. She served her mission at the Temple Square in Salt Lake City. Nastia has 5 younger siblings. She loves to go hiking and camping every summer with her family and friends. She dreams about visiting all her mission companions, around the world.

Daria Kokoreva


Translator into Russian

My name is Daria Kokoreva and I'm a Pathway student. I'm currently studying Business Applications. 
I served in Spain Madrid mission. I love to spend time with my family, with my dog, with my friend, I live Start Wars and I love to take pictures. Also, one important thing in my life is the gospel and I am very grateful for it.

David Burlaka


Translator into Russian

David Burlaka is a student from Kyiv, Ukraine. He enjoys his studies in computer engineering and playing video games. David served his mission in Johannesburg, SA. He loves his family, his girlfriend and spreading the true gospel around.

Michael Krutenko


Translator into Russian

I'm from Kyiv, Ukraine. Served in Utah, Salt Lake City mission. I like spend time with family and friends. I second youngest of seven. I believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will change the world.

Alena Samoylova


Translator into Russian

Alena Samoylova is a student at a university in Russia where she received a degree in translation.  She works at an English language school for children. She loves road trips, camping and hiking with her friends and family. She really wishes that the people in Russia could have more church meetings and materials in their own languaged.